Students will learn and practice skills in Grammar and Handwriting.

Most Grammar skills will be practiced in class while writing.

The student will practice their handwriting skills at home and I will check in class.  Once the students have learned how to write each of their letters in cursive, they will have the option to write in cursive in class.


Students in 3rd grade will have many opportunities to write.

They will learn 3 writing styles:  narrative, expository, and persuasive.

Other writing opportunities will include journal writing and free writing.


Good readers read every night.

Students will have the opportunity to go to the library once a week with their class, but if the student reads and passes the A/R test on their library books, they may visit the library more often.

The more you read the better you read!

Read your library books and home reader.

There will be a test on your home reader each Friday in class.


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