Each individual teacher has her own way of assigning homework for reading.  If there is not a specific assignment from the teacher, please review your child's spelling list and sight words.   If a take home reader is sent, read for 15-20 minutes with your child.  If there is not a take home reader, they should have library books or you can use books from home you know your child can read with success.  15-20 minutes of reading practice each night will help in your child's reading ability.


Homework Lab: If your child is struggling with homework, please utilize our Hutchins Homework Lab!  The lab opens at 7:15 each morning and teachers are available to help students as needed.  Please contact the office or your child's teacher if you have any questions.  

Please practice math facts with your child each night.  Students need to know their math facts to be successful on multi-step word problems.  Also follow individual teacher instructions.

1st Grade:

Gr1 3NW Week 1

Gr1 3NW Week 2

Gr1 3NW Week 3

Gr1 3NW Week 4

Gr1 3NW Week 5

Gr1 3NW Week 6

Gr1 3NW Week 7

Gr1 3NW Week 8

2nd Grade:

Gr2 3NW Week 1

Gr2 3NW Week 2

Gr2 3NW Week 3

Gr2 3NW Week 4

Gr2 3NW Week 5

Gr2 3NW Week 6

Gr2 3NW Week 7

Gr2 3NW Week 8

3rd Grade:

Gr3 3NW Week 1

Gr3 3NW Week 2

Gr3 3NW Week 3

Gr3 3NW Week 4

Gr3 3NW Week 5

Gr3 3NW Week 6

Gr3 3NW Week 7

Gr3 3NW Week 8


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