Hutchins Expectations




  • Doors open at drop-off line at 7:00. Parents are encouraged to have children here before7:45.

  • Buses are to begin dropping off students at 7:15.

  • Breakfast will be served from 7:15 to 7:50.

  • Morning announcements begin at 7:50.

  • Teachers will mark any student tardy who is not in the classroom by 8:00. (Unless they have an excused pass)

  • Students coming to school after 8:00 must be escorted in the front office with a parent to get a tardy slip in the office.

  • Students are not to be dropped off or walked across the bus loading area. Only bus riders and neighborhood walkers are allowed in the area.



  • Parents are encouraged to make any dismissal arrangements prior to 2:30.

  • Parents are encouraged not to pick their children up during the last hour of the day. If a student leaves campus prior to 3:30 the student will be documented as an early pick-up.

  • Early Pick-Ups count like a tardy. Students with 6 or more Tardies/Early Pick-Ups (without doctor’s notes) will be ineligible for perfect attendance.

  • We will begin dismissals at 3:25, but will not release students until 3:30.

  • Parents must have car tag to pick child up. If not, parents are to be sent to office to sign in with ID.

  • Walk-Up Parents must check in at the office with either their Car Tag or be signed in with an ID. At 4:00, Walk-Up parents will be allowed to walk down to B hall door to get their child from the office, who will call for the child.

  • Students remaining after 4:00, will be moved in the building. Parents will be expected to park, come in the building with car tag or ID and get their child. Students that are consistently here after 4:00 may be assigned lunch detention.

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